Basic awareness for beginners. An introductory foundation to all psychic & mediumistic development, covering energy, the aura, and using exercises to stimulate the psychic faculty, sense energy, and begin the process of unfolding the innate gifts of the individual. Tailored specifically to those who are in the early stages of their development, and anyone who desires to go 'back to basics'.

Aura & Colour

Exploring the Auric energy field and its effect upon us, and the many changing colours of the aura, which express who we are and how we are developing. Using creativity with colour, plus sound & fragrance, to show how we can interpret the information which is registered within this field of energy, using our psychic faculties.  A workshop for everyone, at any level.

Inspirational Speaking

Philosophy is one of the most essential areas of our movement and religion, but is often overlooked. This workshop will help us to explore the many varying areas from where we can draw our inspiration ~ art, literature, music, and the world around us ~ delving deeper into the well of our own knowledge, and allowing the spirit world and our teachers to influence us, through speaking and writing. Inspire the spirit within, and put the passion back into our philosophy, exploring new areas of thought, and so inspiring others.

Phenomena & Hauntings'

Have you ever been called upon to deal with a haunting/house disturbance? Is a ghost necessarily bad or evil, or as Spiritualists' do we know differently? What's the difference between a ghost, an earthbound spirit, and a spirit that has moved on 'through the light'?   Commonly (and wrongly) referred to as 'rescue' work, this workshop explores the different types of spiritual energies, and helps you to understand your experiences using discussion & role play. It will help you to find techniques to deal with this type of spirit contact effectively, and with care.  Learn why no spirit is ever 'lost', and so does not need rescuing, and use the preferred technique of 'Spirit Counselling' to help not only the people and households experiencing the haunting, but also the spirit that is the source of the problem.

Platform Presentation

As demonstrating mediums & speakers, we have a responsibility to present ourselves in a professional manner, with dignity and respect at all times. After all, we don't just represent the Spiritualist movement, we are ambassadors for the spirit. This workshop will cover our presentation, in real situations, some "do's" and "don'ts", and will also look at the responsibility of mediumship, using discussion and role play exercises.

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