I endeavour to cultivate an atmosphere of harmony & unity at all of my workshops, which brings the group together so that they are supportive of each other, giving each fellow student the encouragement to be adventurous and have a go at whatever task they are given.

John Brett, Psychic Artist, Medium, Spiritual Teacher & Hypnotherapist

All subjects offer a balance of theory and practice, with plenty of opportunities for the latter. Student participation is essential and central to the way I teach.
All subject matter is accompanied by relevant handouts, providing reference material for future use. All the workshops can cover a full day, or more, and can be tailored to shorter tutorial sessions for evenings.
If you would like to discuss any of the workshops, and/or make a booking, please contact me and I will be pleased to assist you.

Psychic Artist, Medium, Teacher & Hypnotherapist

Psychic Art

Beginners ~ An introduction to Psychic Art and Spirit portraits for interested persons with little or no experience of it. What Psychic Art is, how the spirit world communicate with the artist, followed by some creative fun as we attempt to draw our spirit friends and guides. No experience or drawing skill necessary, just a willingness to have a go!

Advanced ~ A close look at how this rare and often evidential type of mediumship works, with tips on drawing and producing better portraits of our spirit friends. This workshop is for the more advanced student only, those who have been developing and working with this mediumistic ability and have some drawing skill. It will involve linking with and drawing portraits of communicating relatives, preparing for platform work, private sittings; and will also explore the difficulties as well as the rewards often experienced with this ability.

This advanced workshop can incorporate a mediumship group too, with a second tutor, which will then facilitate the platform demonstrations 'in tandem' ~ medium and artist linking together.

Aspects of Mediumship

Looking at the mechanics of mediumship ~ building the links with the spirit, maintaining the contact, receiving and passing on the communication. Learning to differentiate between a spiritual and a psychic link and experimenting with your mediumship to stretch and improve your growing mediumistic capabilities, for the platform and private sitting.

This workshop can be individually tailored to groups at novice, intermediate, or advanced level, or can be tailored to a mixed group at all levels.  A workshop with emphasis on student participation and experimentation, with lots of fun thrown in.

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