Below is information on some of the Workshops & Tutorials that I offer:

Building  the links with Spirit, and learning to differentiate between a spiritual & a psychic link. A tutorial on the mechanics of mental mediumship and how the mind of the medium is affected during communication. Experimenting with your mediumship to stretch your own capabilities, and so improve your growing link with Spirit. This will also include platform presentation.

The Trance States range from a light over-shadowing, where by we are inspired to speak or write through the impingement of thoughts and philosophies from our spiritual guides & teachers, to a deep, unconscious, and more controlled state of trance, where the spirit is able to use the vehicle of the medium to talk & teach, with much less interference from the mind of its channel. This process takes much dedication and cannot be achieved overnight. The development of trance should be a beautiful experience, and we can benefit from learning about the brain wave rhythms and how they change as we move through different levels of consciousness
Getting people to become aware of the Auric Energy Field and it's many changing colours that express who we are and how we are developing upon our earthly journey. Looking at the ways that colour and sound affect us with exercises & visual aids to help us understand how everything we experience is registered within the aura, while experimenting with sound to see if it creates colour for us.

Kirlian photo of the Aura

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