Maureen Murnan, Medium

I have been working as a medium for approximately 16 years now, and before I began my work I sat in a home circle to develop my mediumship, for four years. As well as this I attended training sessions whenever the opportunity arose, and have taken several courses to further my knowledge of Spiritualist subjects with the Spiritualists' National Union.

As well as working alone when demonstrating in public, I also work with John Brett, who is a psychic artist, and travel throughout the UK and overseas to demonstrate my mediumship and to teach Spiritualist knowledge.
The teaching of mediumship and all Spiritualist subjects is a very big part of my work and my life in general, and I am a Tutor at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, Essex, UK. This is a college for the teaching, training and scientific study of all Spiritualist and psychic studies, and is known world wide and visited by both English & international students.
My interests also lay in the many changing colours, and effects, of the human Aura or energy field, and I hold a Diploma in Colour Therapy with the British School of Yoga. So, along with the private sittings to communicate with our loved ones in Spirit, I also do Auragraphs and Spiritual Assessments.

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