This is a portrait drawn at a sitting in May 1997, and is the client's nephew who had died very tragically only a few weeks earlier.

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Most of my work involves travelling around the many Spiritualist Churches and centres throughout the UK giving demonstrations of  Psychic art, and private or group sittings. On top of this I also give my services for various charitable causes, as well as working  outside the UK. My particular brand of spirit communication does generate it's fair share of interest from the media, and as well as having several articles and reports about my work appear in different publications, I have also been involved in TV programming. In 1998  I took part in a series commissioned by the Discovery Network The Learning Channel and I was also involved in a documentary for the BBC's Everyman" series, shown on BBC 1 in November 1998.

In the last 10 years, my work has moved towards teaching, both the development of mediumship, psychic art, and personal development. There seems to be little in the way of help available to potential psychic artist's, so I have tried to make myself available to the people I meet who ask for help.  In conjunction with a colleague, I run occasional workshops in my local area, as well as running workshops around some of the Spiritualist Churches and centres here in the UK and overseas.
For people who are developing their awareness or perception of Spirit in some way, perhaps through Healing, Mediumship, or  simply meditation/spiritual journeying, I can link with and draw portraits of Spirit guides & helpers. This is a service I offer via mail order to devote more time to the finished portraits. Please feel free to contact me for more details.

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