John Brett, Psychic Artist, Medium, Spiritual Teacher & Hypnotherapist

I was born into a very psychic family, many of whom are also Spiritualists', and I first became aware of Spirit at the age of 12. When I was 19 several family members and some of their friends founded and opened a Spiritualist Society in my home town in Nottinghamshire in the UK.

When I was 20 years old I became more interested in developing whatever gifts I had, and that's when I was told by another medium that I was a Psychic  Artist.

That's a question I'm used to hearing, and one that I asked having been informed that I was one. A  Psychic Artist is a medium who is able to draw portraits of Spirit people ~ relatives, friends, and guides ~ and often with   uncanny accuracy. I cannot see the people that I draw and have had no training as an artist,  yet somehow I know what to draw working from the  impressions I receive.

The emphasis of my work is providing evidence of survival of the Spirit after "death", and it can be quite surprising who turns up from the Spirit world to have their portrait drawn for you. It's not always the people you may want or expect. After all, they are free to choose to communicate, or not. For instance, a sitter may be wanting a drawing of their mother, but could get their grandfather or mother-in-law instead. Or they may be hoping for a   picture of their child in spirit, and get their brother or an aunt.


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