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I found Spiritualism fairly late in my life, when I was 48 years old. After almost 30 years living in London, with careers as varied as nursing, antique dealing, singing, acting and modelling, I decided to move back to Lincolnshire in the UK, where I was raised as a child. After a while, I decided to check out the local Spiritualist Church in Sleaford,

and was soon attending on a regular basis, and making some new friends.Then one day I was invited to another Spiritualist Church near to Nottingham with some friends, and it was there that the medium advised me to begin developing as a medium, as I possessed an ability which needed to be used. After some coaxing from my friends I found out that the medium came from Sleaford also, and I was asked to visit her at her home, and she would put me on the path.  That's when I was introduced to my guide 'Running Foot', who taught me how to communicate with the Spirit world in just 1 week! Suddenly I could see, hear, and sense the spirit people

Well, it wasn't long before I started to use this ability and I began to give private sitting's. People started to pass on my name and phone number, and bookings started to come in. Then I was invited to take the services and demonstrations in Spiritualist Churches and centres, and from that there were invitations to speak and demonstrate in local clubs (Young Farmer's Club's, Women's Institute etc.). The field of activity widened very quickly, and I began doing fund-raisers for local charities, and to date an estimated £60,000 has been raised through my charity work. My favourite charities are connected with animal welfare, and many people will know that my particular favourite is the Cat's Protection, which I have supported for many years.
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