John and Bryan can be booked for public demonstrations for Spiritualist Churches or Societies throughout the UK. Presently neither of them are travelling to work internationally.
Due to a major career change in 2004, John is no longer offering private or postal sittings. He continues to offer a small number of demonstrations in Spiritualist Churches and Centres throughout the UK but is no longer travelling internationally. He is currently taking a break from teaching in workshops and courses due to professional obligations. He continues his part-time Lincolnshire based Hypnotherapy & Counselling practice:
For more information by phone, email or post:

Empower Yourself Therapy & Training     E-mail John or Tel: (+44) 07976 604541
'Rivendell', 4 South Scarle Lane, North Scarle , Lincoln, LN6 9ER.

Bryan Gibson offer's private sitting's only (in person), and appointments are taken for him at home in Lincolnshire. The fee for a private sitting is £30 for 1 person (45 minutes) or £45 for 2 people sharing a 1 hour session.

Bryan only works part-time. He works Mondays or Tuesdays, only 1 day per week. Last single appointment is 3.00pm on any day.

Bryan no longer offers appointments in the evening or at weekends.

Unfortunately he does not offer sittings by post, by telephone or email.

For more information by phone, email or post:

E-mail Bryan or Tel: (+44) 01522 778519
'Rivendell', 4 South Scarle Lane, North Scarle , Lincoln, LN6 9ER

Maureen Murnan offer's private sittings, auragraphs, and spiritual assessments. She can also be booked for any of her workshops, tutorials and lectures. Fees are available on request from her. Maureen is based in Cornwall.
For further information email Maureen:

E-mail Maureen
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