The following articles have been written by some of our friends and colleagues from the field of Spiritualism and Spirituality, and cover various topics from healing to a history of Spiritualism. These will be updated periodically as I find new articles to add (with the help of a little arm twisting in the case of my friends!!). Enjoy your readů.

Spiritualism - A Brief History

By John Brett
2 The 7 Principles of Spiritualism By John Brett
3 Training & Development By Maureen Murnan
4 The Mechanics of Mediumship By John Brett
5 Psychic Art Explained By John Brett
6 She's Crying - A Monologue By John Brett
7 The Land of Make Believe By Monica Underwood
8 Shamanistic Healing By Paul Underwood
9 Mediumship of the Bangs Sisters - part 1 By N. Riley Heagerty
10 Mediumship of the Bangs Sisters - part 2 By N. Riley Heagerty
11 Mediumship of the Bangs Sisters - part 3 By N. Riley Heagerty
12 What is this thing called Death? ~ poem By John Brett
13 Even as the wind blows ~ poem By John Brett
14 Mothers - a story of creation Anon.
15 The Cold Within - poem Anon.
16 What are Spirit Orbs? By John Brett
17 Through the Eyes of a Spirit By Alan Odham
18 Trance & Altered States Melanie Polley

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